What is CKD prediction system?

  We developed a Web tool (CKD Prediction System) for clinical practice, which can be widely used
in the evaluation of proteinuria progress in the Nephrology and Physical Examination. Clinicians can visit
the system website ( to enter the desired clinical model by inputting the 18 clin-
ical biochemical indicators of patients with chronic kidney disease, and then obtain the results of protei-
nuria progression in patients with renal disease predicted by the system.

Please use this AI-based preditive tool as follows:
  1- Fill out the RUN page with clinical parameters;
  2- Retrive your result with generated task id

Result retrieve

  Input your task id here: 

Please cite our article when use this website

   Xiao and Ding et al. Comparison and development of machine learning tools in the prediction of chronic kidney disease progression. Joumal of Translational Medicine.